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Tenant (Information on Letting)

1. All tenancy Agreements prepared by our company are Assured Shorthold Tenancy. This form of tenancy was introduced under the Housing Act 1988 and amended on 1996 and came into force on and after 28th February 1997. The term granted is normally either six months certain or twelve months less one day. We will prepare the contract documents on behalf of the Landlord.

2. The “Agent” must have permission from the existing occupier to allow for viewing. 24 hours notification is the minimum.

3. The “Agent” will take a “Holding Deposit” of one week’s rent if the applicant(s) show any interest. The holding deposit is only representing an interest and contract is subject to Landlord approval and satisfactory reference(s) obtained regarding the applicants.

4. The “Agent” will only refund “Holding Deposit” if the applicant(s)’s reference(s) cannot satisfy the “Agent” or Landlord. The reference(s) searching charge of £36.00 INCLUDING VAT for each of the applicant(s) will be deducted from the deposit.

5. “Diligent” will be employed by the “Agent” to carry out the reference(s) searching. Each applicant will be charged of £36.00 INCLUDING VAT to cover the cost.

6. The “Agent” will inform the applicant(s) of the moving in date after obtaining satisfactory reference(s) and subject to Landlord approval. However, a guarantor’s reference(s) will be required if the reference(s) is not satisfactory.

7. The “Agent” will sign the Tenancy on behalf of the Landlord on or before move in day.

8. Six weeks deposit and one month’s rent in advance must be collected before the applicant(s) sign the tenancy agreement. Applicant(s) will not be allowed to move into the property if neither the said sum is paid nor the tenancy agreement has been signed by all applicant(s). No interest will be accumulated on the deposit.

9. A copy of the tenancy agreement and inventory checklist will be sent to the applicant(s) for records. A copy of Boiler Certificate will be attached.

10. An administration fee of £240.00 INCLUDING VAT will be charged, it covers the preparation of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and associated with Housing Act 1996 Section 20(A) 2 Notice and Section 21 Notice and check in procedures.

11. Landlord will provide Inventory Check In whilst tenant will provide Inventory Check Out. Inventories will be completed by a third party; prices are subject to their charges.

12. Further copy of inventory or tenancy agreement can be provided subject to £12.00 INCLUDING VAT charge.

13. A reduced administration fee of £120.00 INCLUDING VAT will be charged for any amendment to tenancy agreement due to tenant replacement or renewal of tenancy and any of the above charges shall apply where applicable.

14. All “Applicants” confirm receipt of, have read and understood the “How to Rent” leaflet as provided by the “Agent”.

15. A check out fee of £120 INCLUDING VAT is payable.


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