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The Wharf Property Awards 2015 Nomination

The Wharf Property Awards 2015 Nomination

“Experience, longevity and the battle against cultural shock have all led to nomination in property awards”

nominationLongevity might be one of the reasons a Special Recognition award nomination dropped through the door of Vantage Properties and Management in South Quay.

At least, that’s what founder Edwin Chiu, who set up the firm’s base there in 1992, believes. Since then three more offices have opened in Hong Kong and China, with the latest being a Battersea outpost in 2013.

“If I win, I hope I deserve the award,” said Edwin. “It’s exciting and I didn’t know I was a finalist.

“I was in Canary Wharf before HSBC came and I know how it is today.

“Alan Selby, who won the award in 2013, started at a similar time to us and we’ve both done a lot for the Docklands and selling developments overseas.

“I think the nomination is because people think I’ve been here a long time and the company is trustworthy and has a good reputation, as well as bringing new ideas to the industry and getting a lot of overseas investors into the market.

“I’m always delighted to be recognised and to be mentioned. Obviously, winning would be very good, but being nominated shows I’m still one of the best.”

He said one of Vantage’s strengths in the London property market had been its focus on the future.

This has meant considering the impact of decisions such as 100% mortgages lent out in 2005 and the potential effect of those three or four years on.

Edwin has also turned his attention to accommodating the huge demand from Chinese buyers hoping to make their mark on the capital’s property market.

He has teamed up with the country’s fourth-largest property portal to help them get to grips with UK property laws and legislation, in an attempt to erase any “cultural shock” this may pose.

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